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About Us
Mountain Star Kennels is a small hobby kennel in South Central Washington. Our kennel sits on fifty two acres of land which gives our dogs plenty of room to play and hone hunting skills. Each of our dogs is a member of our family and while we have a small kennel building where they spend part of their time each dog gets both individual and small group time in our home as well as socialization with the pack.

Our Labs
Labs were our first love and we have owned Labs for over thirty years. Our first pure Lab came to us at a time when our younger son was engaged in 4-H and she launched us into the world of training and eventually breeding this wonderful breed. Labradors are a wonderful versatile breed. They are the consummate family dog as well as being a good hunting dog. They are easily trained for a myriad of other tasks. Labs, if bred from healthy lines, usually live twelve or more years. Labs come in Black, Chocolate, and Yellow colors and usually weigh between 55 and 90 pounds. All our current dogs are yellow and fit within these weight standards, though there are many variations in types and they can weigh somewhat more or less. Our lines are generally thought of as English Style. Our style of dog is more likely to be seen in the show ring than other styles. All labs are bred to hunt; some have greater drive and more intensity than others. We have endeavored to keep our dogs within the accepted AKC Show Standard and keep strong hunting drive. Our dog's temperament tends to be much mellower than those that are bred strictly for hunting.

Our Irish Red and White Setters
In 2005 Harvey was retiring and we were preparing to move to our present place so we could have more room for our dogs. At that time a friend of Harvey's who is an avid Chukar hunter kept asking us to get a pointing dog he could hunt Chukars with, "Labs just aren't cut out for that type of hunting", he said, and he is right. We looked for a long time for the right breed and Harvey finally settled on the IRWS. They have retained great hunting instinct and they are much calmer than most pointers and setters. The trick then was to get a quality dog. There are less than 15 thousand in the U.S.. This is an old breed, in fact the forerunner of the Irish and English Setter of today but they have almost gone extinct several times. The last time as late as the 1970's when a couple of Irish Kennels revived the breed. We finally found a kennel in Argentina, the Rossmore Kennel, that had a litter of great quality pups and that is where Runnie came from. Later we added Lady who turned out to be a great hunter but could not conceive. She is now in a great home in Oklahoma where she is getting to be a family dog and do some hunting. In 2009 we got Roisin from Blue Chip Kennel in the mid-west. She has finished her AKC Title at under a year of age and is now training for her JH. She has been a great addition, as has been this fantastic breed. We have only occasional litters in both breeds and we stud out the two Lab Males and the IRWS Male to approved bitches. If interested in either please contact us well in advance.


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